Special Events

African Heritage Celebration

February 1st-February 28th

African Heritage

Student clubs, organizations, academic departments and other members of the campus community develop and implement programming throughout the entire month of February. These events focus on the achievements, contributions, accomplishments and current issues within the African American community.



Asian Cultural Celebration

April 3rd-April 7th

Asian Cultural Event

A collection of student clubs, organizations, academic and administrative departments meet to provide an array of events and activities that recognize the current and historical contributions of Asian and Pacific peoples in the United States and its associated territories.



Greek Week

April 17th-April 20th

Greek Week

The week includes Greek competitions, shows, and the Greek Formal.



Latin Heritage Celebration

October 24th-October 29th

Latin Heritage

This celebration highlights the achievements of Latin Americans, beginning with an opening ceremony and continuing with a variety of programs that promote the cultures and contributions of the Latin American community.



Pioneer Pride Week

September 26th-October 1st

 Pioneer Pride

 Pioneer Pride is expressed via events, celebrations, and Homecoming! During this week, Homecoming King and Queen are announced.




April 23rd-April 27th

Springfest Special Event

This annual spring event marks the end of each year before finals. Groups across campus come together to help the Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) plan this week filled with fun. Activities include novelties, outdoor picnics, games, giveaways, performances and much more.



Welcome Week

August 30th-September 11th

Welcome Back Week

At the beginning of the fall and spring semester, the university community and students are welcomed back to the university with a full week of exciting events. These events are hosted by SAPB (Student Activities Programming Board) and CASL (Campus Activities, Service & Leadership).

 SAPB Welcome Week 2016



November 28th-December 3rd


This annual winter time celebration marks the end of each fall semester before finals. The Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) works tirelessly to plan this week filled with fun. Activities include novelties, movie nights, game shows, giveaways, performances and much more.


Women's History Celebration

March 1st-March 23rd

 Women's History Event

Each March we celebrate women by honoring their achievements and contributions as well as addressing current women's issues. Faculty, Students and Staff join together to hold a diverse and memorable month of events. Annually, this celebration begins with the Opening Ceremony and concludes with the Red Dress Dinner, an event that honors outstanding woman from the WP and surrounding communities.