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Ms. M. Ployer
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Dear Ms. Ployer:

1st Paragraph: Briefly (in about two sentences) tell why you are writing. Name the position, field or general vocational area in which you are interested. Tell how you heard of the job opening, organization or person to whom you are writing.

2nd Paragraph: Explain why you are particularly interested in the organization, its location or type of work. If you possess applicable experience, be sure to point out your particular achievements or other qualifications in this environment or type of employment. If you are replying to an advertisement, be sure to address any qualifications specified.

3rd Paragraph: Refer the reader to the enclosed resume, or other material you feel is of interest or value to your target person or organization. Do not duplicate resume information in the cover letter, rather "highlight" and add to the important points regarding how you can make a significant contribution to this new employer.

4th Paragraph: Close by making a specific request for a job interview or an informal information-gathering meeting to develop your knowledge of the field or organization.



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