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Using the Internet as Part of Your Job Search


  1. Networking - develop contacts
  2. Access to current information
  3. It is constantly growing and expanding
  4. Access and availability
  5. Free access to information and resources
  6. Provides a geographical extension
  7. Research companies and employment opportunities
  8. Post your resume at no cost

Internet Lingo


ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange, universal code most personal computers understand.

Bookmarks: A file in your browser that saves the address of sites you like to visit.

Browser: A software tool used to navigate the WWW, thus, often referred to as a "navigator". Netscape and Internet Explorer are the most popular and widely used browsers.

Home Page: Usually the first screen to appear when a website is accessed; often has links to other pages on the same website and/or to other sites on the Net.

HTML: An acronym for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is a computer language that is used to create Web pages

Hypertext: A highlighted word or phrase that links you, when you click on it to related files within the same site or other sites.

Link: A connection from one Web page to another.

Online Resource Guides: Resources which are generally dedicated to a specific topic or industry and have been compiled by organizations or specialists in each field represented. (Hoover's Online -

Search Engines: A site that functions like a colossal card catalog. Use one to hunt for other sites by subject, title or key work; the engine will scour its index for the closest matches. (Alta Vista -

URL: An acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, the URL (pronounced either "U-R-L" or "earl" is an address on the web and usually begins with "http://"

Virtual Libraries: Large collections of information arranged by broad topics (Yahoo -

Why Use the Internet?


  1. Maximize exposure
  2. Allows global exposure to the job market
  3. Provides you with industry specific web sites
  4. Job vacancies on a company's home page
  5. Learn more about your skills, break down your abilities and achievements
  6. A growing number of companies are actively using the Internet for recruiting
  7. It is functional 24 hours a day



  1. It is NO substitute for other effective job searching & networking techniques
  2. You have limited control over who has access to your resume - even a current employer
  3. It lacks specific direction, no confirmation that the right person will receive your resume

Getting Your Resume on the Internet


  1. E-mail: Use ASCII format. Save as type text (.txt); no underlining, bullets or fancy formatting; keep to 70 spaces across; Use ~, +, or * for emphasis
  2. HTML: Transfer to a posting site or onto a server; learn html (free, software, shareware)
  3. Resume format is provided

Security Issues


  1. Make a list of the places you have posted your resume (include date, time and password)
  2. List your phone # and e-mail address instead of your street address
  3. Check the confidentiality of the service (who has access and will you be notified)
  4. Check both the initial charge and if there are any charges for updating
  5. See if your outdated resume will be deleted


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Hints and Suggestions


  •  Patience - Patience - Patience
  • Use Meta-links whenever possible
  • URL's are case sensitive

Five Major Functions:


I. Explore Career Options


II. Research a Company

  •  Career Bliss:  

A place to find out what job seekers and professionals are saying about their companies and their jobs. Contains a database of salaries and company reviews to help guide you in your path of workplace happiness.

  • Hoover's Online:

Read profiles of more than 10,000 public companies

  • Vault Reports:

Insider information on a few hundred firms

  • Lycos/Company Research:

  • Workforce New Jersey Employer Listings:

Obtain a list of establishments in NJ by industry and county

III. Browse Job Openings


  • - the #1 entry level job site for college students and recent grads, with information on careers, resumes, cover letters, employer research, entry level job postings, interviewing, salary information and more!
  • Department of Personnel:
  • FedWorld:
  • Yahoo! Classifieds:
  • CareerBuilder: Search 75+ sites for jobs across the country or around the corner
  • JobWeb:
  • IV. Post Your Resume


    • MonsterTrak:
    • IV. Create Your Own Web Page


      1. Place only your e-mail address on the page, abstain from including your personal demographics
      2. Keep your audience in mind, ensure the page is professional enough for an employer to view
      3. Keep it separate from your personal page for your friends and family to view

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