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Attained   Conceived   Assessed   Built
Completed   Designed   Analyzed   Compiled
Resolved   Developed   Conceptualized   Coordinated
Settled   Established   Compared   Engaged
Implemented    Founded   Defined   Gathered
Generated   Estimated   Prepared
ALTERED   Initiated   Forecasted   Researched
Eliminated   Introduced   Inspected   Structured
Expanded   Invented   Interpreted  
Reduced   Launched   Observed   REORGANIZED
Adjusted   Molded   Pinpointed   Adapted
  Opened   Recommended   Adjusted
ASSISTED   Organized   Reviewed Improved
Advised   Originated   Projected   Modeled
Collaborated with     Solved   Proposed
Contributing to   DEMONSTRATED   Surveyed   Reconciled
Notified   Exhibited   Updated   Revamped
Observed   Illustrated       Revised
Supported Performed   FUNCTIONAL    
Facilitated   Presented   Activated   SUPERVISED
    Showed   Assembled   Administered
CHOSE       Cleaned   Controlled
Brought   ACCOMPLISHED   Collated   Coordinated
Enlisted   Conducted   Constructed   Delegated
Selected   Produced   Filed   Demonstrated
Ordered   Participated   Maintained   Directed
    Provided   Operated   Guided
COMMUNICATED       Packed   Instructed
Advertised   IMPROVED   Processed   Managed
Consulted   EFFICIENCY   Produced   Monitored
Contacted   Accelerated   Received   Ordered
Corresponded   Applied   Reported   Programmed
Interviewed   Expedited   Recorded   Scheduled
Investigated   Mastered   Shipped   Trained
Lectured   Reinforced   Sold   Taught
Negotiated   Simplified        
Promoted Streamlined      

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