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  1. A resume is designed to get you an interview. A resume should highlight your education, experience, activities and honors/special skills.
  2. There is no one preferred resume style. However, the chronological format is usually the most recommended for recent college graduates. Proceed by identifying those qualities, skills and experiences which demonstrate your capabilities, targeting them to a specific skill or job.  
  3. To help you describe the type of job or career you are seeking, you may wish to use the Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook (it is available in most public and college libraries and on the internet.)  
  4. A job OBJECTIVE is an optional but highly recommended category on a resume. If you decide not to incorporate an objective, you must include it in your cover letter.

              Define your objective. An objective clearly defines the occupation or field you wish to enter. Be clear and concise.

    Avoid pronouns such as, I, me and my in this section as well as all other sections of the resume.


    • Seek entry level position in sales
    • Seek entry level accounting position
    • Accountant with a private CPA firm
    • Credit investigation trainee position
    • Management trainee in market research

    If you are not able to define your objective specifically, focus on the skills, training and education you will utilize in the field of your choice


    • A human resource position which will utilize counseling and communication skills
    • A communications position requiring public relations and writing skills
  5. Your resume must attract attention. It should briefly outline your education, employment experiences, interests and goals. Your resume should tell the employer:

    • Who you are
    • What you know
    • What you have done
    • What you would like to do
    • What you can do for the employer

  6. Be careful not to write a dry, boring description of what you have done. Instead, stress your accomplishments, achievements and skills by using action words and descriptive phrases. Emphasize the skills required for the occupation you are seeking.

    What did you learn from your experiences (work, school, activities, etc.) that will be an asset in the job you are seeking?

    Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Have I had (or did I have) any promotions, honors, awards?
    2. How have my responsibilities increased since I started?
    3. What was I held accountable for?
    4. Did I do anything to increase sales, profits, organizational efficiency? Anything unique? Any measurable accomplishments?
    5. What makes me better or different from the typical applicant? STRESS THIS!

  7. Your resume must be professional looking: well organized, easy to read, neat, grammatically correct with perfect spelling, and aesthetically appealing.
  8. Your resume must be truthful and brief. Recent graduates should strive for one page; two pages are the maximum.

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