Babb, Ruthina Department Secretary v4072 x2435


Arya, Avinash   V4064 x2986
Avdeev, Valeriya Business Law and Taxation with special focus on the tax uses and implications of the newly-developing legal business structures, including Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies and B Corporations. V4076 x3144
Bing, Robert Issues of race, class, and gender through law and literature. V4067 x2190
Ekmekjian, Elizabeth Tax, law, and accounting. V4063 x3851
Koo, Kwang Joo Empirical analysis of data collected from different companies to address complex or emerging problems of importance to CEOs and managers V4078 x3871
Krishnan, Murugappa Asset pricing with private information; accounting and disclosure to financial markets; Indian financial markets V4060 x3975
Mwaura, Muroki Use of accounting information, especially by small businesses in service and manufacturing. V4080 x2953

Nassiripour, Sia

Department Chair; Cash flow and earnings related issues; Reporting of environmental costs in financial statements. V4073 x2241
Nyaboga, Andrew Impact of technology on decisionmaking. V4069 x2403
Rudnick, Martin Effect of the 150-credit requirement to take the CPA exam V4068 x2618
Wong, Hannah Capital market research in financial accounting. V4075 x3618
Xu, Lianzan Relationship between financial statement information, earnings and stock prices. V4081 x2963