Faculty and Staff Directory


Lango, Linda Department Secretary V3064 x2610 langol@wpunj.edu


Arevalo, Jorge Strategy and the proactive efforts by firms to move forward towards sustainable development
Organization Management and the theory of the firm
Management Education including curriculum enhancement, assessment and learning outcomes
V3071 x3073 arevaloj1@wpunj.edu
Betts, Stephen Understanding how differences between individuals and situational elements interact and influence behavior and decision making in organizational settings. Some other specific interests are the philosophy of science, research methodology, personality, leadership and multiple job-holding. V3067 x2789 bettss@wpunj.edu
Chao, Chen-Ho (Mike) Internationalization/ regionalization of multinational enterprises (MNEs), standardization vs. localization of MNEs’ websites, consumers and MNEs from “Greater China Region” and country-of-origin (COO) effects in international marketing V3053 x3746


Feng, Shan Behavioral pricing, consumer memory, and information processing V3057 x2766


Florenthal, Bela E-tailing/retailing and social media in retailing
Impact of cultural differences on shopping behavior
Impact of green (Eco-friendly) marketing on consumer behavior  
V3058 x3679 florenthalb@wpunj.edu
Godar, Susan Business ethics and marketing strategy for services and high tech products. V3041 x3678 godars@wpunj.edu
Kashyap, Rajiv

Department Chair; Strategic marketing and marketing of social causes V3066 x3850 kashyapr@wpunj.edu
Kim, Ki Hee NAFTA and its impact on U.S. industries
Chinese WTO membership and its impact on world trade
V3069 x2392 kimk@wpunj.edu
Knaus, Emroy Strategic Management Cases V3049 x2836 knause@wpunj.edu
Kretinin, Andrey   V3070 x2733 kretinina@wpunj.edu
Laud, Robert Innovation, Leadership, Strategy V3054 x3915 laudr@wpunj.edu
Li, Fuan Relationship marketing
Trust advertising appeals
Cultural impact on consumer behavior
V3061 x3528 lif@wpunj.edu
Mathews, William Interface between what is taught in standard business texts and organizational and environmental reality V3050 x2755 matthewsw@wpunj.edu
Mboga, Jet   V4045 x3859 mbogaj@wpunj.edu
Mir, Ali Employee-organizational relations Organizational control
Information technologies
V3052 x2511 mira@wpunj.edu
Mir, Raza Transfer of knowledge across national boundaries in multinational corporations.  Issues relating to power and privilege in organizations and their social implications V3062 x3747 mirr@wpunj.edu

Nyaanga, Solomon

  V4045 x3885 nyaangas@wpunj.edu

Perez, Cesar

How cultural differences affect IT adoption, with an emphasis on computer-mediated communications, and Groupware; knowledge management and business intelligence; software engineering and user satisfaction; strategic informational systems V4048 x3361 perezc@wpunj.edu
Presby, Leonard Applied statistics, Computer applications, Management science V3051 x2538 presbyl@wpunj.edu
Samuel, Jim   V4045 x3118 samuelj8@wpunj.edu
Teng, Jinn-Tsair Supply chain management
Marketing strategies
V2651 x3055 tengj@wpunj.edu
Watad, Mahmoud Knowledge Management, telecommuting, office automation, information systems assessment, and cultural issues in IT management V3068 x3934 watadm@wpunj.edu