Undergraduate Music Degrees at William Paterson University

The William Paterson University Department of Music offers a full array of Bachelor Degree’s in Music and Arts to meet the needs of students in the New York and New Jersey area. Whether your focus is in music performance, classical or jazz composition or in mastering music education or music management and sound engineering, our Music Department is filled with qualified and creative faculty that will support your educational needs.

Bachelor of Music Programs:

  • Performance – This program, for students who possess both exceptional performance abilities and aspirations, demands an intense commitment to both music practice and academics.
  • Jazz Studies - Part of the William Paterson University Department of Music, the Jazz Studies Program is unique among college programs offering an emphasis on small-group playing and a genuine commitment to the jazz tradition.
  • Music Education - The music education program is designed to provide future music educators with a solid basis for professional success as a teacher through courses in performance, theory, music history, music education, education, and liberal studies. 
  • Emphasis in Music Management - Billboard Magazine, the top trade magazine for the music industry, has listed William Paterson University in New Jersey as having one of the top Music Business programs in the country.
  • Sound Engineering Arts - The William Paterson University Sound Engineering Arts program offers students the essential combination of the technical, theoretical, practical and musical areas of the audio arts.
  • Classical + Jazz -  In both of these programs, students study privately each semester in jazz and classical areas, they participate in elite chamber ensembles and in some of the 24 small groups in the Jazz Studies Program.

Bachelor of Arts Programs

  • Music - The Bachelor of Arts in Music minor at William Paterson University, serving the New York metro area, offers a platform for surveying the professional musical landscape. Students learn about all areas of the music world: performance, business, education and technology while interacting with students and professionals in those respective areas.  
  • Music with Popular Music Emphasis - The Bachelor of Arts with popular music emphasis examines contemporary popular music from a global perspective and through the study of social media and songwriting. 

Other Undergraduate Music Programs of Interest

  • Music Honors - In this program, which is an addition to the student's primary Music Department major (that is, it is not a separate or stand-alone degree program), students attend seminars, perform extra levels of work for several of their regular music department courses, and eventually produce a substantial senior-year capstone project.
  • Minor in Music Management -  Led by an experienced faculty, the Minor in Music Management program is structured to provide the background you need to secure a career in the music and entertainment business. 
  • Minor in Musical Studies - The Bachelor of Arts in Music minor at William Paterson University offers a platform for surveying the professional musical landscape including performance, business, education and technology.


Broadway legend Hal Prince applauds WP student performers.