Urban Studies Program

The interdisciplinary minor in Urban Studies engages students in an extensive study of cities and suburbs as human space, and the role and function of metropolitan areas in the world.

The undergraduate program weaves together fields including geography, history, policy planning, community development, politics, anthropology, art, sociology, and environmental studies to prepare students to make a difference in urban and suburban communities.

The program’s approach looks at the city from historical, literary, sociological, and personal perspectives, combining academic rigor with community-based interaction.  Knowledge of urban studies is valued in diverse professions including politics, teaching, law, business, social work,   community planning, communications, and creative arts.  Students apply their interests toward projects and activities in cities and suburbs within the greater New York-New Jersey metropolitan region.

Requirements for the Minor

To minor in Urban Studies, student must complete a total of 18 credits as follows:

Required Core (9 credits)
URBN 2010        Introduction to Urban Studies
AWS/URBN 2980    Student Community Service
URBN 4800        Senior Capstone Seminar

Electives (9 credits)
AWS 2800        Minority Enterprises
AWS 3050        Community Development
AWS 4200        Economic Structures of the Black Community
ANTH 3560        Urban Anthropology
ARTH 3290        Art in New York
PBHL 4200        Environmental Health
GEO 3410        North American Cities
HIST/URBN 3240    U.S. Urban History
HIST/URBN 4900    Race, Ethnicity, and the Changing City
MGT 4500        Small Business Management
POL 2230        Urban and Suburban Politics
POL 3290        Urban Policies and Problems
SOC 2720        Urban Sociology
WS/URBN 3980    Women in the City
URBN 3790        Urban Cinema

Students must take electives from at least two departments.