Requesting and Receiving Accomodations



  • The student completes the Accommodation Request Form.  Please come to our office to fill out the form at Speert Hall Rm 134 (formerly Wayne Hall) or it is available on line by clicking the link to Forms. 
  • Provide all disability documentation to our office, when you submit your Accommodation Request Form.
  • William Paterson University requires that all students seeking accommodations provide appropriate documentation to Disability Services in order to:    
    • Determine eligibility as a qualified individual with a disability and
    • Determine appropriate academic accommodations for the student.
  • For general guidelines for documentation accepted by William Paterson University useful in determining and providing accommodation services, see below:

Guidelines: Post Secondary Level

Guidelines: ADHD

Guidelines: Physical Medical conditions

Guidelines: Psychological


Once both the Accommodation Request Form and the documentation is submitted, a Disability Services staff member will review your materials to determine your eligibility for services and to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations and services.

Disability Services (ODS) reviews the student's documentation.

  • If ODS has additional questions, we may request to meet with the student to further clarify their request. This meeting may be held over the phone, in person or online.
  • If documentation qualifies the student for accommodations, ODS prepares an Accommodation Letter listing classroom accommodations.
  • ODS emails the Accommodation Letter to the student to their WP email address at the beginning of the semester or as soon as their eligibility has been determined if requesting accommodations after the semester has already begun.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to provide a copy of their Accommodation Letter to his/her professors and to discuss implementation of the accommodations.