Departmental Customized Training

The Professional and Organizational Development Work Unit has been established by the University to encourage and support the development of individual and work group skills. Below are just some of the services available to assist the growth of employees and teams. Please feel free to contact Human Resources Ext. 2887 or e-mail to discuss your needs and learn how we may assist you in increasing the productivity of your staff and unit or department.

  • Retreat Facilitation
    This work unit is available to assist you in clarifying your retreat objectives, planning the event and conducting the session(s). Our services include suggestions for format, content and delivery and we would be pleased to provide facilitation services at your request to ensure the outcomes that you need and want.

    "It was extremely valuable in helping formulate an appropriate program for our retreat. I was also very pleased to have assistance leading the department through a very difficult agenda issue. We have since implemented several recommendations from the retreat which have helped us become more effective as a center and team." Ken Zurich, Director, Career Development. (Retired)

  • Meeting Management
    If you would like to conduct more meaningful meetings, acquire the skills necessary to increase participation of meeting attendees and enhance the efficiency and the quality of outcomes, contact us. At your request we can perform a meeting audit.

    We will objectively observe your meeting and suggest ways to improve results. In addition, we will provide a meeting management workshop for those charged with this function. Participants learn alternative ways to plan, conduct and follow-up to get better results from the time they invest in meetings.

    "Very professional in its presentation. Tried and true techniques were offered that can turn unproductive or countless marathon-like meetings into ones that are both efficient and effective. A must for anyone on campus, whether they convene one meeting a month or three meetings a day. This is time well spent." Rich Felton, Associate Director, Administration and Finance.(Retired)
  • Problem-Solving
    This work unit conducts objective observations, customizes interventions and makes recommendations to achieve team goals. We work directly with the individuals involved to elicit feedback necessary to identify barriers to success, encourage suggestions from those involved and work collaboratively with team members to create action plans that get results.

  • Departmental Training
    In addition to the programs described in the Professional Development Digest, we offer customized content, format and delivery of workshops and seminars to groups of ten or more individuals. These programs will be designed to fit your work unit’s unique needs and objectives. Just give us a call and tell us about your objectives. We will then be able to suggest workshop topics to fit your unique needs.