Gen Ed Elective List


Listed below are the course numbers and titles of General Education Elective courses. A student must successfully complete all Basic Skills courses, Writing Effective Prose, course prerequisites, and either the General Education course in the subject of an elective or all required General Elective credits in the category of the elective course before enrolling for a General Education Elective course. General Education Electives must be selected from among courses outside of a student's major or major related collateral requirements. In addition to the courses listed below, General Education Electives can be selected from among those courses designated General Education.

AACS      116         African Music I
AACS      117         African Music II
AACS      151         Introduction to African World Literature
AACS      241         African-American History to 1865
AACS      242         African-American History Since 1865
AACS      244         African-American Politics (N)
AACS      261         African, African-American and Caribbean Religions
AACS      304         African-Caribbean History
AACS      305         African-American Community Development
AACS      310         Recent Interpretations in African-American Studies
AACS      311         African Literature
AACS      312         Major Authors of African Descent
AACS      321         Haiti: History, People and Culture
AACS      322         Caribbean Literary Experience I
AACS      324         African Communities Cultures in New World
AACS      328         African-American Literary Experience I
AACS      358         Psychology of African Americans (N)
ANTH     200         Human Origins
ANTH     210         Archaeology
ANTH     220         African Archaeology
ANTH     252         Biological Basis of Human Behavior
ANTH     230         Understanding Culture     
ANTH     260         Myth and Folklore & Modern World
ANTH     304         Prehistory of the Far East (N)
ANTH     308         Indians of North America
ANTH     342         Ethnology of East Asia
ANTH     350         Shamans, Witches and Magic
ANTH     354         Forensic Osteology
ANTH     356         Urban Anthropology
ANTH     359         Cultural change in Latin America
ARAB      210         Intermediate Arabic I
ARTH     102         Approaches to Non-Western Art
ARTH     215         Modern Art I
ARTH     284         Art of Pre-Columbian Americas
ASN        200         Intro Chinese Culture (N)
ASN        220         Chinese Conversation (N)
ASN        222         Advanced Japanese (N)
ASN        223         Advanced Japanese II (N)
ASN        270         East Asian Civilization
ASN        280         Civilizations of South Asia
ASN        301         Cultural Studies: Japan (N)
ASN        302         Japanese Literature and Film in Translation (N)
ASN        303         Literature of India in Translation
ASN        325         Women in Modern Japanese Literature
ASN        341         Asian & American Cross-Cultural Communication
ASN        394         Modern India (N)
BIO         119         Basic Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO         302         Human Heredity
BIO         470         Bioethics and Society
BIO         350         Animal Behavior
BIO         352         Economic Botany: Plants for Mankind
CGSI      200         Cognitive Science I
CHIN      200         Intro Chinese Culture (N)
CHIN      221         Chinese Conversation
CHIN      301         Modern Chinese Literature Translation
CHIN      310         Chinese Adv. Tutorial I
CHIN      311         Chinese Adv. Tutorial II
CHIN      375         Contemp Chinese Cinema
CMHL     200         Active Lifestyles for Health (N)
CMHL     210         Women's Health
CMHL     221         Nutrition
CMHL     270         Concepts and Issues of Aging
CMHL     390         Human Sexuality
COMM    318         Forms of Art (N)
COMM    384         History of Theater
COMM    388         American Theater and Drama
CS          201         Computer Literacy: Microcomputer Applications
CS          215         Computer and Information Technology for Educators
CS          253         COBOL I
CSH       250         Integrated Research Methods/Statistics I
CSH       350         Integrated Research Methods/Statistics II
ECON    202         Microeconomic Principles
ECON    340         Labor & Management in the American Economy (N)
ECON    360         Economic Growth & Development
ECON    370         International Economics
ECON    390         Comparative Economic Systems
ECON    450         Business Econ of Latin America
ENG       211         Modern Drama
ENG       216         Science Fiction and Fantasy
ENG       217         Images of Women in Modern Literature
ENG       228         Latino(a) Literature in United States(N)
ENG       229         Films and Literature
ENG       317         Modern American Literature
ENG       325         Literature across the Americas (N)
ENG       340         Contemporary Literature
ENG       342         Contemporary American Fiction
ENG       350         Ethnic American Literature
ENG       351         Asian American Literature
ENV        220         Earth through Time
FR         200         Introduction to French and Francophone Cultures and Literature
FR           300         Twentieth Century French Literature in Translation
GEO       230         Population & Settlement Geography
GEO       300         Geopolitics
GEO       332         Geography of Middle East
GEO       334         Geography of Africa
GEO       335         Geography of Latin America
HIST       205         The US through Reconstruction
HIST       206         The US since Reconstruction
HIST       301         Social History of Modern Europe
HIST       302         Origin of Civilization
HIST       303         Greek Civilization
HIST       304         Rome: Republic and Empire
HIST       306         Europe in the Middle Ages
HIST       307         Imperial Spain: 1450-1700
HIST       309         The Italian Renaissance
HIST       310         Modern France since 1815
HIST       311         Labor History through Film
HIST       312         Reformation Europe
HIST       314         History of New Jersey
HIST       315         The United States Jewish Community
HIST       317         Cultural History of the 1960's
HIST       320         US: Jeffersonian & Jacksonian Democracy (1789-1840)
HIST       321         United States: The Era of the Civil War(1840-1877)
HIST       322         United States: Progress, War and Normalcy (1877-1933)
HIST       323         US: From New Deal to Cold War
HIST       325         US: Immigration in the Growth of America
HIST       327         America as a World Power
HIST       330         Imperial Russia
HIST       331         Twentieth Century Russia
HIST       332         Tudor-Stuart England
HIST       333         Modern Britain
HIST       335         Science, Technology & Society
HIST       336         Europe Age of Revolution (1789-1848)
HIST       338         Europe Since 1914
HIST       339         Revolutionary Movement in Russia
HIST       341         Hitler and Nazi Era
HIST       344         Society at War: US in World War II
HIST       345         A Social History of Russia through Literature & Art
HIST       346         Modern European Women's History
HIST       349         The Holocaust
HIST       353         Comparative Race & Slavery in the Americas 1400-1888 (N)
HIST       354         History of Civil Rights Movement
HIST       355         US Urban History (N)
HIST       358         Russia in Asia
HIST       360         Traditional Japan
HIST       361         Modern Japan
HIST       365         The Pacific War: Japan and the Second World War in Asia
HIST       366         The United States and the Pacific
HIST       370         Traditional China
HIST       371         Modern China
HIST       380         Colonial Latin America (N)
HIST       381         Modern Latin America (N)
HIST       382         The Spanish Caribbean (N)
HIST       383         Modern Brazilian History (N)
HIST       384         The Mexican Revolution (N)
HIST       390         Islamic/Middle Eastern History & Civilization I
HIST       391         Islamic/Middle Eastern History & Civilization II
HIST       392         Contemporary Middle East
HIST       394         Modern India (N)
HNDI      301         Literature of India in Translation
HUM       251         Humanities I: Cultural Roots & Continuities
HUM       252         Humanities II: Cultural Roots & Continuities
IT          200         Intro to Italian Culture & Literature
IT          210         Intermediate Italian I
JPAN      221         Japanese Conversation (N)
JPAN      222         Advanced Japanese (N)
JPAN      223         Advanced Japanese II (N)
JPAN      301         Cultural Studies: Japan (N)
JPAN      302         Japanese Literature and Film in Translation (N)
JPAN      325         Women in Modern Japanese Literature
LAS         284         Art of Pre-Columbian America (N)
LAS         228         Latino(a) Literature in  United States (N)
LAS         301         Masterpieces of Spanish Literature in Translation (N)
LAS         305         Latino Cultural Studies(N)
LAS         325         Literature across the Americas (N)
LAS         353         Comparative Race & Slavery in the Americas 1400-1888(N)
LAS         359         Cultural Change in Latin America (N)
LAS         380         Colonial Latin America (N)
LAS         381         Modern Latin America (N)
LAS         382         The Spanish Caribbean (N)
LAS         383         Modern Brazilian History (N)
LAS         384         Mexican Revolution (N)
LAS         386         Business Econ of Latin America
MATH     111         Elementary Algebra with Applications
MATH     323         Foundations of Geometry
MATH     324         Probability
MUS       144         Music Fundamentals
MUS       172         Chamber Jazz Ensemble I (Freshmen)
MUS       173         Chamber Jazz Ensemble II (Freshmen)
MUS       174         Chamber Jazz Ensemble III (Freshmen)
MUS       175         Chamber Jazz Ensemble IV (Freshmen)
MUS       200         Concert Choir
MUS       203         Chamber Singers
MUS       211         Concert Band
MUS       212         Preparatory Band
MUS       213         College Orchestra
MUS       214         Brass Ensemble Trumpet
MUS       215         Brass Quintet
MUS       216         Woodwind Ensemble Clarinet
MUS       217         Woodwind Ensemble Saxophone
MUS       218         Woodwind Quintet
MUS       219         Percussion Ensemble
MUS       221         WPUNJ Percussion Ensemble
MUS       222         Jazz Ensemble
MUS       229         Trombone Ensemble
MUS       230         Classical Guitar Ensemble
MUS       231         20th Century Chamber Ensemble
MUS       235         Latin Jazz Ensemble
MUS       239         Jazz Vocal Workshop
MUS       243         World Music
MUS       272         Chamber Jazz Ensemble I (Sophomore)
MUS       273         Chamber Jazz Ensemble II (Sophomore)
MUS       274         Chamber Jazz Ensemble III (Sophomore)
MUS       275         Chamber Jazz Ensemble IV (Sophomore)
MUS       282         Opera Workshop
MUS       283         Flute Ensemble
MUS       289         French Horn Ensemble
MUS       293         Understanding Jazz: Hist& Appreciation
MUS       317         History of American Pop Music Since 1950
MUS       318         Forms of Art (N)
MUS       331         Western Music through Josquin
MUS       332         Music in the Late Renaissance & Baroque Periods
MUS       333         Music in Rococo & Classical Periods
MUS       334         Music in the Romantic Period
MUS       340         Masterworks of Opera
MUS       372         Chamber Jazz Ensemble I (Junior)
MUS       373         Chamber Jazz Ensemble II (Junior)
MUS       374         Chamber Jazz Ensemble III (Junior)
MUS       375         Chamber Jazz Ensemble IV (Junior)
MUS       472         Chamber Jazz Ensemble I (Senior)
MUS       473         Chamber Jazz Ensemble II (Senior)
MUS       474         Chamber Jazz Ensemble III (Senior)
MUS       475         Chamber Jazz Ensemble IV (Senior)
PEAQ     204         Elementary Swimming
PEDN     280         Modern Dance I
PEEL      203         Golf
PEEL      204         Tennis I
PEEL      223         Aerobics
PEGE     200         Active Lifestyles for Health(N)
PEGE     240         Impact of Sport in Modern World (N)
PEGE     330         Psychology of Sport
PEGE     340         Social History of Western Sport
PHIL       200         Ethics
PHIL       210         Logic
PHIL       213         Asian & Western Comparative Ethics & Political Philosophy
PHIL       214         Asian&West. Metaphys&Epistemology
PHIL       229         Islamic Philosophy
PHIL       232         Philosophy of Technology
PHIL       269         Philosophy of Sex and Love
PHIL       240         Applied Ethics
PHIL       301         Stigmatized Englishes
PHIL       324         Philosophy of Sexual Politics
PHYS     250         Basic Electronics I
POL        221         State Government
POL        223         Urban & Suburban Politics
POL        228         African-American Politics (N)
POL        230         Comparative Politics: Development & Modernization
POL        240         International Relations
POL        272         Politics & Sex
POL        323         Political Socialization
POL        329         Women and the Law in the U.S. (N)
POL        345         United States Foreign Policy
POL        349         S.E. Asia in World Politics (N)
POL        352         Politics of Poverty
POL        355         Politics of the Environment
PORT     210         Intermediate Portuguese I
PORT     211         Intermediate Portuguese II
PSY        202         Experimental Psychology I: Applied Statistics
PSY        210         Developmental Psychology
PSY        220         Social Psychology
PSY        230         History & Systems of Psychology
PSY        250         Psychology of Consciousness
PSY        260         Psychology in Business & Industry
PSY        275         Psychology of Law
PSY        311         Psychology of Women
PSY        322         Group Dynamics
PSY        350         Theories of Personality
PSY        353         Physiological Psychology
PSY        358         Psychology of African-Americans (N)
PSY        360         Environmental Psychology
PSY        365         Psychology & Culture
PSY        375         Cognitive Psychology
SOC       231         Sociology of the Family
SOC       233         Sociology of Religion
SOC       235         Sport in the Modern World (N)
SOC       241         Minority Groups in America
SOC       272         Urban Sociology (N)
SOC       352         Self & Society
SOC       372         Sociology of Organization
SOC       375         Social & Environmental Change
SOC       391         Population and Development in Asia
SPAN     222         Advanced Spanish Conversation & Composition
SPAN     228         Latino(a)Literature  in United States(N)
SPAN     231         Introduction to Spanish Culture & Literature
SPAN     300         Spanish Peninsular Literature in Translation
SPAN     301         Masterpieces of Spanish Literature in Translation (N)
SPAN     305         Latino Cultural Studies (N)
SPAN     324         Nobel Prize Writers of Spain and Spanish America
SPAN     360         Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPAN     487         Seminar in Spanish Cinema
SSH       201         Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences I: Theory
SSH       202         Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences II: Methodology
SSH       301         Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences III: Application
URBN    272         Urban Sociology (N)
URBN    355         US Urban History (N)
URBN    398         Women in the City (N)
WS       207         Women, Sport and Culture
WS       208         Female Icons in Contemporary U.S. Culture
WS       218         Life Passages: The Female Experience
WS       269         Philosophy of Sex and Love
WS       310         Contemporary Feminist Issues
WS       329         Women and the Law in the U.S. (N)
WS       340         Media Representation of Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender
WS       398         Women in the City (N)

(N) Multi-disciplinary offering; do not repeat same title.