Peer Academic Leaders

The Peer Academic Leaders, commonly referred to as PALs, are role models and friends to all students in the WPU Residential Community. They offer mentoring, academic support, and campus resource information. PALs are student leaders who seek to encourage their fellow students to become involved with Campus Life through attendance at campus events and membership in campus clubs and organizations. PALs work to create a fun and vibrant environment that encourages academic success, student involvement/engagement, and civility. 

PAL Availability Schedule

Interested in boosting your GPA? Want to work on your time management skills? PALs are peer tutors and mentors who work in the residence halls to help you develop important academic skills and to provide subject specific tutoring. Check out the Spring 2016 Availability Schedule!

Spring 2015 PAL Study Groups

Looking for help in Basic Math? Need a study partner for Intro to Psych or Developmental?Having trouble getting started with a paper? Check out the PAL Study Group Schedule!