Description of Fees

Tuition Related Fees

Tuition related fees are mandatory for all undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students as these fees support instruction, academic support, student services and other general operations of the University.

Student Government Association Fee, which is allocated for both non-salary and salary expenditures, is collected by WPU on behalf of the Student Government Association (SGA) who is responsible for the allocation and management of the funds. This fee supports all clubs, organizations and committees chartered through the SGA.

Student Services Fees, which is allocated for both non-salary and salary expenditures, includes the Athletic Fee which supports WPU's athletic programs and facilities. (Fee is not charged to graduate students), the Health and Wellness Fee which supports the programs and services offered by the Counseling, Health and Wellness Center, Information Technology Fee which supports the University's computing infrastructure, providing students with access to instructional and administrative technologies, such as Blackboard, library services, registration, advisement, grading and billing. 

Campus Facilities Fees supports the improvement, operations, debt service, repair and renovation of University buildings and grounds.