Create a Profile & Set-up Office Hours

You can connect to Starfish by going to your faculty page in WP Connect:

First photo how to find Starfish

Then clicking on the link under Early Alert:

second photo for how to find Starfish

The first step to using Starfish is to update your profile to include contact information, office hours and other details

  • Once you log into Starfish you can access your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner.

Click on Institutional profile and then add information - your office number and email will already be posted, but you can add biographical information, an overview of your office or department and other details.

  Next, specify appointment preferences:

  • Using the same menu choose Appointment Preferences
  • You can opt to set a minimum appointment length, a threshold for how late a student can make an appointment beforehand.
  • Then choose your location for office hours so students can see where you're located.

Once that's done, create your office hours:

Once you create Office Hours, they will be visible to students you are connected to. These hours will sync with Outlook so you don't have overlapping appointments, and once an appointment slot is chosen it will appear on your calendar in Outlook and in Starfish.

  • Go to your home page in Starfish and click on the Add Office Hours button on the top left hand side of the page.
  • Clicking that will open a window where you can customize what office hours are available for students to see.
  • In this window you'll be able to set a minimum appointment length, office hours to be repeated each week (or month) and types of appointments.
  • At the end you can set a message that all students who set an appointment with you will receive.
  • You can also view this short how-to video on creating office hours: Creating office hours