Check on Outcomes

  • Once a student is flagged, either through a progress survey or independently, staff and faculty who are connected to that student through Starfish can see that flag, conduct outreach, and attach notes.

How to see details about a student:

  • Click on your students tab; you can view your students through class rosters or by viewing an alphabetized list of all students connected to you.
  • When looking at the list of students, you can use the filter feature to see only those students with a tab you're interested in.
  • If you click on a specific student, you can view notes attached to flags, see other to-do's or referrals assigned to that student.
  • You also can see a student's success network - this will show you all faculty, staff and professionals connected to that student's success.
  • Starfish homepages will also show key activity in the last 24 hours - checking in daily is the easiest way to see important changes in a student's status.

What to look for when checking on a student:

  • Notes or messages attached to a flag will show additional outreach around that concern.
  • Messages sent through Starfish will also be recorded and indicate efforts to connect with the student.
  • Referrals or To-do's will show specific actions that a student has been directed towards.

What is Closing the Loop?

  • Following outreach and intervention a flag can be closed with an outcome indicator attached - this is referred to as closing the loop.
  • Flags will be cleared if:
    • The student has responded and has taken appropriate action.
    • Information indicates the concern has been addressed - even if the student didn't verbally connect.
    • Outreach has been performed across multiple platforms, repeatedly, and the student has not responded.
    • When a flag is cleared a reason is given - so others can see the outcome, and follow up if needed.
    • Here's a short video outlining this process: clearing a flag and closing the loop

What if a student doesn't respond to outreach?

  • If a student isn't responding to outreach and there is still a concern - reaching out to that student's Success Coach may be needed to consult on next steps.
  • If the student is attending class - then an intervention following a class session may be the best next step to communicate concerns with a student.