Flags and Kudos (Alerts)

Faculty are able to assign a flag or kudos to a student at any time during the semester.

You can view a short video showing this process below:


Here are the steps for raising a flag or giving kudos

  • Go to your student listing or choose the course section that student is in.
  • Click on the student, you will see several actions you can take, including adding a flag or kudos.

flag first photo

Once you click on the add a flag button, you can choose which flag from the window that opens; this is the same process for giving kudos.

adding a flag step two

Add comments if needed and then click submit.

adding a flag step three

You will be able to see the flag attached to that student; you will also be able to see notes, messages and other actions taken by staff or the student as it relates to that flag.

  • Once the concern is addressed, the flag may be cleared and a reason given so you know the concern has been addressed.
  • Kudos are visible to the student on their main page and are also attached to that student so others can see the student's progress.