Progress Surveys

Progress surveys are a key way to provide feedback about how students are doing so academic success professionals can follow up and direct students to needed supports.

  • Progress surveys will be sent to faculty three key times each semester:
    • At the beginning of week 3 of the semester - this will focus on early signs of difficulty: attendance, lack of materials, classroom skills.
    • At or around week 7 of the semester - this will focus on academic performance: grades on exams and assignments, missing work and other feedback.
    • Towards the end of the semester - this will focus on students who you anticipate will not pass the course; this will be used to target those students for schedule changes and other types of follow up for the next semester.
    • Progress surveys also include an opportunity to give a student Kudos for improved or excellent performance.
  • Faculty and staff can also flag a student at any time if they have a concern they feel needs immediate attention

How to Respond to a Progress Survey

Prior to a progress survey being deployed, faculty will receive an announcement email alerting them to when they will be able to complete the survey

  • Once the survey is posted, faculty will get a follow up email so they know the survey is available in Starfish.
  • Surveys are generated for each class; they are short, usually 5-7 items and are designed to be fast and easy to complete.
  • Progress surveys are on the top row of the Starfish homepage - there will be a link for each class a faculty member is teaching.
    • Once you click on a survey, the class roster will be listed vertically on the left, and there will be a check box for each area of concern.
    • Below is a sample of what the Progress Survey will look like:
    • sample progress survey