Taking Attendance in Starfish

One of the features in Starfish is the ability to keep an attendance roster for each class

All faculty are able to access an attendance roster for each class they are teaching; the roster is generated automatically and once class dates are customized, the attendance "sheet" is created for you.

How do I set up my attendance rosters?

  • The feature is accessed on the main page by clicking the record attendance button on the top left of the tools row.
  • It can also be accessed when you're in the students tab by clicking attendance:
    • Once there, a window will open: choose the class you want to create an attendance sheet for.
    • Click set up meeting times and then click on the day(s) of the week and time the class meets.
    • Once complete - click submit to enter that schedule to your options; if there are other classes repeat the process for each.
    • This will now create a full semester of class dates to choose from for each class when you need to enter attendance.

How do I take attendance within Starfish?

  • Once your rosters are set up; click on the record attendance button whenever you need.
  • At the initial window, choose the class you want to enter attendance information,  then choose the day and click next
    • This will open up your roster with a default setting of present for each student, and check boxes for absent, excused, or tardy.
    • Record attendance as you need to and then click save.
    • You have the option to review old attendance records and update as needed, by going back to that date in your listing and editing.