How to use flags, kudos, to-do's and referrals

There are several tools you can use to provide feedback to students and direct next steps:


  • Flags are warnings to students and those working with them that there is a concern
  • Some flags focus on paperwork and requirements with deadlines like tuition payments, behavior like appointment attendance or academic concerns

To - Do's

  • To-do's provide students with a next step or a recommendation for action
  • They can have a due date, and will appear on a student's dashboard in Starfish


  • These can be used to direct students to a person, office or service they should be taking advantage of
  • Once given they will alert the staff or service of the referral and appear on the student's dashboard


  • You can also give students positive feedback when tasks have been accomplished or performance has improved
  • Positive feedback is also a useful way to show change to other staff working with a student

How to Assign Flags:

  • Choose the student you want to assign a flag to from your list; once you're at their overview page click the flag button from the row on the top of the page
  • Scroll through the flag options to find the appropriate flag to assign
  • Add notes if needed and select a relevant class if appropriate