How to set up a student profile

Setting up a student profile:

Getting started is very easy; step one is creating your profile – this is where you can upload a picture and set your preferences.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to Starfish Student Success
  • Sign onto WP Connect – remember your username is the last name, first initial and number part of your student email address; your password is your 855 id number
  • Click on your student tab
  • Look at the center column, under right the label – Academic Services – click on Starfish Student Success
  • You should be directed right to your Starfish entry page – worst case, you have to sign in again using the same sign in information

Get started editing your profile by clicking on customize your profile – the upload a photo button (you don’t have to)

Be sure to check off whether you want information to be sent to your alternate email (or text) as well as your WPU email.

  • You can add phone numbers so we can reach you
  • Set your preferences to send you a weekly update of reminders
  • Set your preferences to remind you before appointments you’ve set and to send you a weekly status report on any alerts, reminders to to-do's you have on your list

Once you’ve set up your profile, start checking in and exploring!