Complete Your Degree at William Paterson University

Complete Your degree at William Paterson University


William Paterson University is proud to participate in a new statewide initiative, the NJ Scholar Corps Program. If you are a New Jersey student who has been studying out of state, we invite you to come home to New Jersey, complete your degree, and help revitalize your state with your talent and service. 

This program is open to all New Jersey students currently studying at an accredited four-year, out-of-state university or college. In addition to earning your degree at one of New Jersey’s outstanding public universities, you will have the opportunity to be involved in service activities focused on revitalizing and rebuilding our local communities.


We want to help you come home to New Jersey and study at William Paterson University. We offer:

  • Institutional grants that reduce tuition by up to 25% for the first semester.
  • Guaranteed on-campus housing in our residence halls; a 50% discount on residence life where capacity exists.
  • A streamlined transfer application process and application fee waiver.
  • Guaranteed acceptance of all credits earned with a grade of C or better at an accredited four-year out-of-state university or college.
  • Access to the University’s scholarship and financial aid programs.
  • The opportunity to serve our local communities and help rebuild New Jersey through the University’s new NJ Scholar Corps digital badge program, part of William Paterson’s overall commitment to civic engagement as a core value. Students will participate in eight (8) community service/civic engagement activities to complete the badge, which may be used as a requirement for induction into the WP LEADS Honor Society. Specific details will depend, of course, on the timeline for re-opening our state.

How to Apply

Submit your application

You will receive emails after you submit your application. One will be your Official Application Acknowledgement, which will contain your WP Student ID number. It will also contain instructions on how to check your application status and submit your documentation.

Federal Aid: If you’re already receiving financial aid at your current institution, log into your FAFSA profile and add William Paterson University to the list of institutions you’d like to receive your FAFSA. William Paterson’s Federal School Code is 002625.

If you haven’t yet applied for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), apply now! Be sure to select William Paterson University as an institution you’d like to receive your FAFSA.

Once the University receives your FAFSA, you will receive a Financial Aid Offer notification with the types and amounts of aid offered.

Do you have questions about financial aid? We have many virtual resources to help you navigate the financial aid process. Sign up for a one on one telecounseling session with a Financial Aid counselor or view additional resources at

State Aid: NJ residents are strongly encouraged to register at where students may view their status as well as complete missing information.

William Paterson offers merit-based scholarships for transfer students. The deadline to apply and receive consideration for scholarships is June 1, 2020. To view information on available scholarships, click here.