Requirements for First Year (Freshman) Students

Admission to most William Paterson majors is test-optional, but general subject area requirements as well as special requirements for certain programs do apply.

  • Admission to Nursing and Communication Disorders majors
  • Consideration of merit scholarships and University Honors College admission


  • English (4 units): composition, literature
  • Mathematics (3 units): algebra I, geometry, algebra II
  • Laboratory Science (2 units): biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, anatomy/physiology
  • Social Science (2 units): American history, world history, political science 
  • Additional (5 units): college preparatory subjects, literature, advanced math, foreign language, social sciences

Certain departments have specific requirements beyond those listed above. See the Special Requirements links on the right side of this page for details.


First-year candidates who are submitting scores should have their SAT or the ACT (American College Test) scores sent directly from the testing service to William Paterson University. Our codes are 2518 for the SAT and 2584 for the ACT.


An entering student who presents an outstanding score on an appropriate College Board achievement test or who demonstrates advanced standing qualifications by other acceptable evidence may, with proper approval, enroll in an advanced course. Follow this link for particular courses and test equivalencies.


Students who possess a General Educational Development Diploma (GED) may be considered for admission.  SAT/ACT scores may be required depending on the overall GED score received.  Students who are not high school graduates and are seeking GED preparation are encouraged to contact their local board of education, community college or adult education centers to learn about and sign up for the GED.


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