Council on Foreign Relations Names Political Science Professor Maya Chadda to its U.S.-India Relations Study Group

The Council on Foreign Relations has appointed Maya Chadda, PhD, William Paterson University professor of political science, to serve on its U.S.-India relations study group, comprised of top experts from the public and private sectors. The group will begin a series of six meetings in New York City this month, to discuss topics including the current state of the nations’ relationship, cooperation on defense and trade, and the readiness of the U.S. and India to respond to the rise of Chinese power.

Chadda, a renowned scholar and published researcher specializing in international relations and Asian politics, is a member of Council on Foreign Relations, where she serves on the Joint Task Force on South Asia, and previously served as a consultant to the United Nations Development Program and the United National Family Planning Agency. Among other roles outside of the University, she has served on the review board of the United States Institute of Peace, a prestigious think tank in Washington, D.C.

These experiences, Chadda says, provided her with “immense insights into the art of the possible in resolving contentious issues between India and the United States.”

The Council on Foreign Relations study group will prepare a report for U.S. President Donald Trump and India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to Chadda. “This report is most timely in view of President Trump’s commitment to make India the fulcrum of the United States’ Indo-Pacific strategy,” she says. “Given that Modi is tilting strongly in favor of the U.S., this assessment and consequent recommendations will have considerable weight.”

“These reports are widely read by the international policy community and debated among policymakers everywhere,” Chadda adds. “Most of the members of the study group are people in and out of government at the highest level, such as ambassadors, and high-level state department officials. Their hands-on experience makes these reports very valuable.”