WP Sociology Professor Sheetal Ranjan Gives Opening Remarks at Congressional Briefing in Washington D.C. on Translating Scientific Research to Improve Justice for Women and Girls

Professor Sheetal Ranjan

Sheetal Ranjan, associate professor of sociology and criminal justice at William Paterson University, spoke about the urgent need for feminist criminological scholarship to drive public policy when she delivered the opening remarks at the Congressional Briefing, “Translating Research to Policy: Improving Justice for Women and Girls,” held in Washington, D.C. on October 11, 2018. (See embedded video below)

“We want you to know that scientists can be feminists too, and feminists can be scientists,” said Ranjan, chair of the Division on Women and Crime, a unit of the American Society of Criminology. In her remarks, Ranjan emphasized that policy recommendations are based on scientific research.

Ranjan spoke before an audience of nearly one hundred congressional and federal justice agency personnel.