Brenda Marshall, EdD, APRN-BC, PMHNP-BC, NE-BC, MAC, ANEF

PHONE: (973) 720-3491

Brenda Marshall is a professor of nursing at William Paterson University and the director of the Center for Research in the University’s College of Science.  She has dedicated her professional life to removing stigma that prevents help seeking, from the Nurses Network on AIDS in the 1980s to her current Fulbright Scholar work in opposing stigma towards persons with substance use disorders. Her areas of research are substance use disorders, stigma, innovative pedagogy, and neurocognitive aspects of therapy.

Dr. Marshall is the author of Becoming You: An Owner's Manual for Creating Personal Happiness (iuniverse press), Fast Facts for Managing Patients with a Psychiatric Disorder (Springer Publishing), Fast Facts about Substance Use Disorders (Springer Publishing), and scores of research publications in peer reviewed journals. She has been recognized by multiple organizations for her research and innovative teaching approaches  and recently completed a Fulbright Scholar Specialist program in Malta, teaching  mental health and collaborating on stigma research. Her three decade of nursing experience, research, and certifications in psychiatric nursing, nursing administration, addiction management, and psychotherapy have won her the respect of her colleagues in nursing, medicine, psychology, and public health.