Key Phrases

What have people said about you? 

Consider supervisor feedback and performance evaluations:

  • Recognized by supervisor for… ______        and _________
  • Commended by customers for...______        and _________
  • Acknowledged by colleagues for...
  • Given additional responsibilities based upon _______   and _____
  • Chosen from ______ staff members for _________

Have you created new systems?

Consider how you might have streamlined a process or improved efficiency:

  • Organized and implemented new system to streamline...
  • Improved efficiency by creating a new Access database to track …
  • Assessed existing tracking system and initiated the creation of a
    computer-based system

What kind of leadership skills have you demonstrated?

Consider how you showed initiative in specific situations:

  • Motivated and directed employees…
  • Recognized as (top salesperson) for...

Do you have specific numbers to include?

Consider retail jobs, waiting tables, fundraisers:

  • Increased sales by 30%
  • Trained and supervised staff of 15
  • Generated $15,000 in sales
  • Raised $2,500 for March of Dimes

Have you worked as part of a team?

Consider class projects, campus activities, work and volunteer experience:

  • Collaborated with colleagues …
  • Served on social media committee…
  • Worked as part of a team to meet sales goals…

REMEMBER:  Highlight the important skills, qualifications and achievements that relate to the position you are applying to.  Focus on the skills you wish to use and demonstrate what you can offer to the company.

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