Global Business & Finance Institute


Credit Analyst Training Program


The course will provide a rigorous and hands-on exposure to the world of commercial credit as practiced in commercial banking.  This will involve both a macro overview of the issue of bank credit and a hands-on learning of how to analyze, evaluate and understand a borrower’s (commercial) credit needs and how the bank could meet those needs. 

Students who complete the course will be eligible to apply for an internship. Seating is limited so please complete your online registration no later than June 1st. 


  • Overview of Bank Credit Department and Process
  • 5 C’s of credit
  • Types of bank loan documents
  • Types of credit facilities offered by banks
  • Overview of analyzing financial statements
  • Overview of financial ratios used in analysis
  • Overview of reviewing a loan request package
  • Types of collateral
  • Collateral advance rates

Date / Time

Monday, June 12th, 2017
9 am - 4 pm

*A lite lunch will be served.


Kenneth J. Farrell, Vice President
Provident Bank


Peter Caiazzo, CFA