Business Analytics Series

Business Analytics For Professionals

The Cotsakos College of Business at WPU, continuing its rich tradition of excellence in business education, envisions the accelerated and effective training of today’s workforce in business analytics concepts and skills through the Gbfi. Gbfi will conduct the Business Analytics for Professionals, which consists of eight critical hands-on skill development modules. These courses will remain open to the public.

Gbfi offers executive training in business analytics with a focus on balancing managerial concepts in analytics with real application skills using spreadsheets, R and other industry relevant software packages. The program is well suited to the needs of professionals or managers seeking to train teams with cross functional responsibilities. The full program consists of eight one to two day modules offered through the year. Gbfi business analytics modules provide a deep understanding of analytical concepts and increase hands-on data management skills. Every module will be conducted by corporate training faculty from the Cotsakos College of Business, William Paterson University and leading industry experts.

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You can view the complete list of modules for the Business Analytics for Professionals Program HERE

UNIQUE Offering: The BAP module provides the greatest potential for maximum return on training dollars! Every training module is designed to culminate with each participant having an opportunity to build a model /project relevant to their own business or professional objectives!

NOTE: Gbfi can also facilitate the delivery of the Business Analytics for Professionals and customized courses at your corporate locations. Virtual /online sessions may be possible for certain modules if there is substantial interest from multiple locations of your corporation. For additional information, please contact:

Peter Caiazzo, CFA
Associate Director of Gbfi
phone: 973.720.3765