Alumni Testimonials

What our Alumni are Saying

“The Russ Berrie Institute gives it's students the tools to excel in the real world. The first few weeks that I have spent training and in the field have been the live version of a class at RBI it's a great place I'm proud to have went there.” July 2, 2010

Kurt Patrick, District Manager, ADP
Alumni - Russ Berrie Institute, William Paterson University of New Jersey

“If you are looking to recruit from the best college program in the country, than the Russ Berrie Institute is where you need to go. They have trained and vetted top industry-leading professionals to create an unparalleled classroom experience, that produces top level talent for any organization. As a product of their efforts, I understand the high quality of education that I was lucky enough to receive. Now that I am in the "Real World" hiring and managing sales people, I would be lucky to have a team full of Russ Berrie educated professionals.” May 25, 2010

Mike Glowacki, Vice President, Clean Edison
Alumni - Russ Berrie Institute, William Paterson University of New Jersey

“The Russ Berrie Institute of Professional Sales allowed me to establish myself as a Professional Salesperson. RBI not only provided me with the tools to succeed, they provided me with the opportunities to use what I have learned. From the internal Sales Triathlon, to the National Sales Challenge, Career Fairs, guest speakers, among other events; RBI clearly has given every Sales student at WPU extreme potential to succeed in today's competitive job market. THANKS RBI!!” May 18, 2010

Carlos Cano, Admissions Counselor, William Paterson University
Alumni - Russ Berrie Institute, William Paterson University of New Jersey

“I am a Sales Major set to graduate in May 2011, and my time at the Russ Berrie Institute for Professional Sales has been great. I am more than pleased with the curriculum and activities that I have participated in (and continue to) at RBI. Between having professors with real world experience, excellent business training techniques, and a beautiful campus, anyone who wishes to pursue a career in any business field would be wise to consider studying at the Russ Berrie Institute.” May 18, 2010

Andrew A. Fuchs, Student, William Paterson University of New Jersey