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Electronic Music and Technology Faculty

*John Link, Area Coordinator
John Link has composed for diverse media including orchestra, chamber and jazz ensembles, rock bands, and electroacoustic instruments. He has received commissions from guitarist Daniel Lippel, cellist Caroline Stinson, the Athabasca String Trio, the New Jersey Arts Collective (the 2006 Ionisation Commission for pianist Anthony de Mare), Flexible Music, clarinetist Marianne Gythfeldt, the Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music (for the Ames Piano Quartet), The High Mountain Symphony, and the Composers Guild of New Jersey. He was an invited guest composer at the 29th Annual New Music Festival at Bowling Green State University in 2008, and has received awards from the Centre Acanthes, ASCAP, and Meet the Composer. Dr. Link was a founding member of the composers group Friends & Enemies of New Music. His music is recorded on the New Focus Recordings, Bridge Records, and 60x60 labels. Link is also the author of Elliott Carter: A Guide to Research (Garland, 2000), co-editor with Nicholas Hopkins of Elliott Carter's Harmony Book (Carl Fischer, 2002), co-editor with Marguerite Boland of Elliott Carter Studies (Cambridge University Press, 2012), and is currently working on a book about Carter’s late music.

Frank D. Fagnano
Frank D. Fagnano has been a freelance recording engineer and producer in the New York metro area since 1983, and was Chief Engineer at Marion Recording from 1985 until 2002. He has worked in world class recording studios and large performance venues across the US for several well known Platinum and Grammy winning artists, including Tony Bennett, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Hall & Oates, Naughty By Nature, and more. He has designed several project recording studios, including the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and Kathie Lee Gifford's private studio.

Frank taught Electronic Music as an Adjunct Professor at WPU from 1987 until 1998. During that time he designed two incarnations of WP’s Electronic Music Labs, and was a consultant to the current Center for Electro-Acoustic Music (CEM) in Hamilton Hall. He returned to WPU in 2004 to teach in the Sound Engineering Arts degree program, and in 2016 he began teaching classes on advanced music synthesis in WPU's CEM once again.

Additionally, Frank has taught private students and master classes, and has been a guest lecturer and speaker on a variety of topics related to the music industry, performance, music theory, and technology.

He is a musician and composer, has performed in several musical genera, and has composed music for documentaries and commercials.

Frank holds degrees in both Music Management and Philosophy from William Paterson University.

*David Weisberg
David Weisberg is an Associate Professor of Music at William Paterson University. His primary areas of interest include self-similarity in music, the treatment of form and compositional techniques involved in the works of modernist composers, and voice-leading in jazz. He completed his Ph.D. at Rutgers University in 2001, where he studied composition with Charles Wuorinen, and jazz piano with Kenny Barron. He also performs as a freelance pianist in the New York-Metropolitan Area with groups such as the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble and the New Jersey Pops. He has presented papers and has had his compositions performed both in the U.S. and abroad. He currently serves on the executive board of the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic.

* full-time faculty