New Jersey Topics

Why choose a New Jersey Topic?

  • New Jersey History Award: A special prize awarded at the State Competition for the best NJ-themed project.
  • New Jersey Social Studies Core Content Standards: This is a great way for students/teachers to fulfill New Jersey History
  • There is a wealth of history in New Jersey
  • Local topics score well with judges as the research is new to
  • It is easier to find sources to interview and assistance from local archivists and librarians with sources in their

2018 Theme:  Conflict and Compromise in History

Events & Things

  • Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton’s Duel (is there compromise here though?)
  • Abbott v. Burke – school funding conflict of 1973: we’re still waiting for a workable compromise
  • Abolition of slavery in New Jersey
  • Affirmative action-a constantly shifting picture
  • Agriculture - the fight to keep it alive in the Garden State
  • American Indians-centuries of conflict and compromise
  • American Revolution-Washington spent more time in New Jersey than anywhere else
  • Botto House - rallying place for the 1913 Paterson Silk Strike
  • The Broad Seal War
    This was New Jersey's most notorious contested election which resulted in New Jersey not being represented in the U.S. House of Representatives until it was resolved.
  • Canal and Railroad Systems in NJ and the political conflicts that occurred while trying to build them
  • Charter schools – a work in progress
  • Civil rights – a veritable gold mine
  • The Civil War – New Jersey’s role has long been a “contentious subject”
  • Colonial wars in New Jersey – New Jersey faced little danger under English rule and was inclined to not get involved
  • Compact of 1834 – a “resolution” of the border dispute with NY
  • Compromises at the Constitutional Convention and the work of NJ delegates
  • Deed Agreements between Colonists and native Americans
  • Discrimination – the expansion of LAD
  • Eminent domain projects like the development going on in Long Branch
  • Gambling – the trail to Atlantic City was long and torturous
  • Garbage – solid waste disposal has been an issue since 1800’s
  • Glassboro Summit, featuring Lyndon B. Johnson and Alexei Kosygin
  • The High Street Fire
    This was remarkably similar to the better known Triangle Shirtwaist Fire which occurred a year later. The difference was that the disaster and the workers grievances didn't receive as much national attention.
  • Highland’s Act-a great compromise/a great source of conflict? It depends on where you live
  • Highways they make the state – they remake the state, creating conflicts and forcing compromises i.e. NJ Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway
  • Home rule – an untouchable New Jersey dogma, but a source of conflict in recent decades
  • Hunting – another source of conflict, generating a string of compromises
  • Hurricanes – who should pay (or not) for storm damage in areas repeatedly hit
  • KKK presence in NJ
  • Land riots – between 1735 and 1763: what a tangled web!
  • Land use – the problem only gets worse as the amount of open land decreases
  • Loyalists – sometimes (as in the Revolution) the time for compromise is past
  • Military conflicts in NJ during the Revolutionary War
  • Mount Laurel cases – exclusionary zoning
  • Newark Riots
  • Open space –another facet of land use
  • Paterson Silk Strike
  • Reconstruction in New Jersey (Note - It wasn’t felt just in the South)
  • Women’s Suffrage – prominent New Jerseyans such as Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone