Undergraduate Major in Secondary Education, K-12

(effective Fall 2008)

K-12 Subject Field Specialization is a 30-credit major that qualifies students to become eligible for certification as a teacher for specific content areas on the middle and secondary school levels. This major uses students' subject area specialization as a framework for learning about methods and materials for teaching a specific content area in middle/junior high and high school. Field-based experiences are an integral part of this program so that students can apply learning from coursework to content area classrooms.

Please contact: Dr. Lynne Orr - 973-720-3021

Undergraduate Secondary K-12 Subject Area Certification with Endorsement as Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD)

The Department of Secondary and Middle School Education and the Department of Special Education and Counseling have collaborated to create a dual licensure program for undergraduate students seeking to teach regular and special education students in a specific subject area, such as English, social studies, math, or a laboratory science.   

Please contact:  Dr. Peter Griswold - 973-720-3761

Undergraduate Bilingual Instructional Endorsement Program

 This program reflects the importance of field experiences with bilingual students and is coordinated with existing field work in your Education major.  Candidates for this endorsement will be required to do either their practicum placement or their student teaching in a bilingual setting.  The following majors are not compatible with a K-12 Subject Field Bilingual Endorsement are Chinese, Japaneses, French, Spanish and English.
Please contact:  Dr. Alison Dobrick - 973-720-3674

Undergraduate ESL Endorsement Program

This 15-credit program prepares teacher candidates in any certification area to teach English to dual language learners.  About one-third of all New Jersey children live in families where at least one memeber was born in a foreign country and many of them are learning English as a second language.  Schools all over the state provide ESL instruction to dual language learners and this endorsement program provides the certification needed to teach ESL.  



Master of Arts in Teaching Program (K-12)

The Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program requires the completion of 15-21 credits beyond post-baccalaureate certification, depending on the certification sought.

Certification is available in:

    • K-12 subject field specialization (art, biology, English, French, math, music, physics, social studies, or Spanish

Please Contact:  Dr. Thomas Fallace 973-720-3942

MEd in Middle Level Education

 New at William Paterson University for Fall 2015!

The Masters in Middle Level Education is a 30-credit online degree program for practicing teachers. It is designed for teachers who wish to have preparation at the advanced masters level. This program is for teachers in the field as they continue their professional growth and provides a solid foundation for further graduate study toward a doctorate in education or related fields.  It offers active professionals substantial experience in the theory, research, and practice related to middle level education. 

For Applications

Office of Graduate Admissions • 973.720.2237 

For More Information 

Kelly McNeal, Program Director• 973.720.2911 

K-12 Foreign Language Candidates 

Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate

Effective September 1, 2010

ETS is now offering a new WORLD LANGUAGE TESTS for French, German, and Spanish.  Four administrations of these tests will be offered during the 2010-2011 administration year.   Each administration will have a 4 day window of testing, rather than just 1 day of testing.  The phone number for Prometric is 1-800-853-6773.  Registration for the World Language test can be via phone or online.  ETS has a link for the center available on the ETS website.