Our Students at Work

The Anthropology Club

Beyond Cultural Expectations. The Anthropology club has been going strong since 2012.  Our students take part in local Native American activities, investigate issues regarding clean drinking water in the local community, and organize events where all students and share culture and experiences.   

Where Are They Now?

As our Anthropology students graduate, they often keep us up-to-date along the way. In here you'll find out where their Anthropology Degrees took them!  

Anthropological Organizations.

Undergraduate students can join professional anthropology organizations and take part in annual meetings, writing/poster competitions, and funding opportunities. There are general organization that cover all fields of anthropology as well as those with very specific foci (e.g., archaeology, ethnology, forensic anthropology, etc.)

Graduate Schools and Programs

In here you'll find information on some graduate programs that may be of interest as well as other relevant information.