Anthropology Club

Anthropology Club - Beyond Cultural Expectations (B.C.E.)


Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization shall be to transcend cultural boundaries and foster unity within humankind. The goal of the B.C.E shall be to share cross-cultural insights, challenge stigmas, and build bridges between groups. The B.C.E shall raise awareness of the differences that make people unique and commonalities that bind them through multi-cultural events and collaborative projects.The B.C.E’s activities shall foster a deeper understanding of peoples shared humanity and forge links between students, the university and the local community.  The B.C.E will inform the community by means of educational programs and activities.

Come Join Us During Common Hours (12:30pm to 2pm) on Tuesday in Rm. 5014 in Science Hall East.

Officers Info

Rae Cade (President)   
Tiera Edmunds (Vice President)
Priscilla Cordero   (Secretary)   
Gelkis Kaplan        (Treasuer)
Saaya Weaver    (Public Relations)

Contact Info: Rae Cade or join us on Facebook search "Beyond Cultural Expectations"