Program in Writing and Rhetoric: For Faculty

Welcome to the Program in Writing and Rhetoric’s webpage for faculty.

See below for links that are specific to our first year writing courses: 1100 College Writing and 1500 Experiences in Literature. There are links here that will take you to course descriptions, course objectives, and student learning outcomes for each course. In addition, professors can access sample syllabi, peer reviews forms, essay assignments, worksheets and other documents that can be used while teaching courses in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric here at William Paterson University.

This page should answer many of the questions you have about the program and our courses. Here you'll be able to find official university course syllabi requirements and many resources to help you in the classroom. As such, the information falls into two main categories: "housekeeping" (matters of parking, photocopying, obtaining email and voice mail accounts, etc.) and pedagogy (both theories and practices).

While some of the pedagogical information is binding and a matter of policy--such as possible grades for our courses and the categories of data that must appear on each syllabus--most of the information takes the form of theoretical ponderings and practical suggestions for effective teaching. The suggestions have been contributed by many seasoned teachers who sometimes disagree on particular points (such as whether one should write a title before or after drafting a whole paper), but who nevertheless agree on many fundamental principles. We hope that you will find this information useful and inspiring, as well as an opportunity to question and re-think your own strategies and practices; to personalize and enhance the ideas and practices shared by our program.

We hope that you’ll find these materials useful, and that you will share your feedback and your own ideas to further enhance the learning community for all of us.

Click here for an overview of the information that should be included in your syllabus. 

Please note that the attendance policy has changed since the example syllabi linked below were created. Refer either to the sample templates or the attendance policy link for the correct information. 

ENG-1100 College Writing

ENG-1500 Experiences in Literature

Hybrid ENG-1100 & ENG-1500

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