Student Societies and Opportunities

Sigma Tau Delta National English Honors Society

Zeitgeist: The Undergraduate Literary Magazine

The English Club
Students interested in joining the WPU English Club, which organizes literary readings, trips to the New York Times headquarters, and other activities, can easily sign up. Simply log on to your WPConnect account and click on the Self Service tab; next, click on the bottom left link that reads "Misc. Online Services" and click on "Sign up for Clubs & Activities. Feel free to contact the Club's Faculty Advisor, Dr. Judith Broome, for more information.

Scholarship Opportunities
Explore means of obtaining scholarships to support your education.

Glossary of Literary Terms
Can't remember the difference between alliteration and assonance? Want to know what an allusion is, or how to define "anithero"? Terms are here from A to Z.

MLA Citation Guide
Instructor wants a works cited page or bibliography? No problem. Here's a short guide on how to format it.

Quotation Guide
Professor marking up your quotes with red ink? Check out this quick, painless guide on how to get quotations right.

Counseling, Health and Wellness Center
Terms, citations, quotations or anything else getting you stressed? The WPU Wellness Center offers free, confidential counseling on any aspect of your personal or academic life.