Writing Across the Curriculum

Pedagogy Workshop

The Writing Across the Curriculum Pedagogy Workshop brings together WPU faculty to discuss current theory and practice in writing for all disciplines, to share and develop teaching strategies using writing as a means of learning in all disciplines, to offer the opportunity to develop new assignments, exercises, and rubrics for individual courses, and to encourage new classroom approaches that support the use of writing for teaching content and critical thinking in all disciplines. 

Topics include:

  • Using informal writing throughout a course (journals, in-class exercises, etc.) in order to teach content
  • Developing systematic reflection through reiterative assignments in any course, aimed at the development of metacognition
  • Designing effective writing assignments, research papers, and essay prompts
  • Developing a sense of rhetorical situation - including audience, purpose, context - in students’ approaches to writing
  • Evaluating and responding to student writing
  • Grading practices and expectations in student writing
  • Managing the integration of writing as content with disciplinary content
  • Developing approaches to enhance the writing and critical thinking skills of your students, as well as to think about ways to develop and teach Writing-Intensive courses as part of the UCC program at WPU

For more information, or to register, please contact Liane Robertson.

Celebrating Student Writing Across the Curriculum

Each year, the Writing Across the Curriculum Program invites faculty nominations of student work for our writing contest for undergraduates throughout the university. The contest, which is open to all WPU undergraduate students, encourages participation by all university departments; excellent student writing is nominated by faculty members. Winning work--personal essays, formal research, creative writing, lab reports, reading logs, any form of writing in any discipline and at any academic level--is published in the Celebrating Student Writing Across the Curriculum annual publication.

For the latest Celebrating Student Writing nomination form, please click here.

For questions or additional information about the contest, please contact Liane Robertson.

Faculty Writing Groups

Writing Groups sponsored by the WAC program are designed to offer WPU faculty members a supportive, collegial environment in which to develop, critique, and prepare their writing for publication or presentation. The groups offer participants a chance to work on their professional writing-in-progress (papers, articles, book proposals, essays, monographs, etc.) with a small multi-disciplinary group of colleagues. 

The groups, coordinated by Liane Robertson, generally meet once a month throughout the academic year (and, for those who are interested, during the summer). Please contact Liane Robertson for more information.