The World Language Requirement

 WPUNJ Language Graduation Requirement


“Students! It is to Your Advantage to Take the Placement Test:
You Might be Waived from the Language Requirement!”


In keeping with William Paterson University’s mission to graduate students who embody “active involvement in a multicultural world,” all students are required to demonstrate competency in a language other than English, either by 1) completing up to six (6) credits of a single world language (or American Sign Language), or 2) by demonstrating, via a test, intermediate proficiency in the selected language.


All first year and transferring students must take a placement test in the language studied in high school. Their score on this test, in conjunction with the number of years of previous study of the language, will determine 1) which course they place into, and how many credits they still need to complete in order to fulfill the language requirement, or 2) whether they have demonstrated intermediate proficiency and are thus waived from any further required language study. Two (2) years of high school language study are deemed equal to one (1) semester of college-level language. Students can, of course, choose to continue their language study beyond the required minimum, for elective credit. Advisors can access foreign language placement results through the student information page in WPConnect.


  • Students beginning a new language must complete Basic 1 and 2 (1100 and 1110) of that language. Typically, the Department of Languages and Cultures offers about a dozen different languages each semester. Please consult the current semester’s course listing).
  • Students placing into Basic 2 (1110) must complete that course and Intermediate1 (2100). 
  • Students placing into Intermediate 1 (2100) need only complete that course.
  • Students placing into Intermediate 2 or beyond are deemed to have satisfied the language requirement. (In Spanish, Intermediate II is the entry-level course into the Major or Minor.)
  • Students who enroll in Basic 1 (1100) of a language they have previously studied, may do so for remedial purposes, but the course will not count towards the University graduation requirement.
  • All required graduation credits must be earned in the same language.

Be it resolved that the Department of Languages and Cultures adopts the university policy at the department level and that the department will block any student from taking a course in the department for credit that is of a lower level than the student’s proficiency as determined by placement.


Demonstrating Proficiency in a Language

Students who wish to fulfill the world language requirement by taking a proficiency test have the following options:


                                                     PLACEMENT TEST                 


Any question please contact to have your question directed to the correct person.