Why Study Foreign Languages?


For U.S. employers, the demand for foreign language skills is greater than ever before. Whether it’s in the boardroom, in the field, with customers and partners, or on social media, companies today are increasingly more likely to conduct business in a language other than English. Consequently, a command in multiple languages is a valuable asset for U.S. students and employees—not only in boosting their marketability in the workplace, but in helping them thrive in a global economy.

  • 90 %  rely on foreign language speakers in their business
  • 56 %  project their needs will increase over the next 5 years.


A new study from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) shows high and ever increasing demand by U.S. employers for employees with foreign language skills.




  • 34 %  say their needs are not currently being met
  • 25 %  say they have lost business due to lack of employees with foreign language skills