Combating the Racialization of Latinas with Anthro-Political Linguistics

What if we “occupied Spanish” -- on the model of those who demand that we occupy and liberate the centers of economic power -- by calling attention to ways in which language ideologies in Spain, Latin America, and the USA perpetuate discrimination and exacerbate inequality? In particular, we must challenge the damaging control exerted by an elite on the ways of speaking of the masses, el habla del pueblo. In this talk entitled "Occupying Spanish: Combating the Racialization of Latinas and their Languages with Anthro-Political Linguistics," Dr. Ana Celia Zentella, Pressor Emerita of ethnic studies at the University of California, San Diego, provides context for understanding this issue and presents her efforts to affect real change on the matter.

The Politics of Che Guevara

While Ernesto “Che” Guevara is perhaps the most widely recognized revolutionary figure of the twentieth century, little is known about his actual politics. Although Che was politically honest, willing to sacrifice for a cause, and egalitarian both in theory and practice, he was neither a democrat nor a libertarian. Che was a practitioner of a kind of socialism from above notable for its extreme voluntarism, political tone deafness, ascetic and austere elitism, and an extreme revolutionary vanguardism. In this talk, Dr. Samuel Farber, author of the recently published book The Politics of Che Guevara: Theory and Practice, addresses these issues and more.

How Can Studying a Foreign Language Help You Get the Job You Want When You Graduate?

Career coach Dr. Darcy Lear speaks to William Paterson University students about the ways in which studying a second language can help them obtain a job after graduation. She also provides tips on public speaking, business networking and resume writing.

Darcy Lear is a career coach who trains foreign language students to highlight their language and cultures studies in job search documents and interview preparation so that they stand out in job searches and the workplace. She has a PhD in education and over 20 years of experience teaching at the college level.