Cambridge Summer Program

The William Paterson University Summer Program

at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge University

[details of 2019 program]

Camb1William Paterson’s Summer Program at St. Edmund’s College, part of Cambridge University in England, is designed to provide graduate and undergraduate students with one of the most intellectual and personally rewarding experiences of their academic life. Participating students live and study at St. Edmund’s College, one of six graduate colleges within Cambridge University, featuring approximately 350 students representing over 60 nations studying at Cambridge each year. In addition to daily lectures, the Program provides students a number of valuable experiences, including the opportunity to study historical and political issues in a foreign setting, to interact with Cambridge students from around the world living in the college, to visit London and its vast array of important centers of government, to do research in the famous Cambridge Squire Law Library, and to experience a variety of college and university-sponsored social, educational, and research activities not available to the general public.

Camb2The annual Summer Program began in 2000 and is directed by Dr. Michael Luis Principe, a WPU Professor of Political Science who was first named a Visiting Scholar of St. Edmund’s College in 1993 and elected a Visiting Fellow of the college in 2003. The Department of Political Science strongly believes the experience of studying comparative and international political issues in such a dynamic environment is an important component of a liberal arts program. For additional information on the current year’s Program, please contact Professor Michael Luis Principe at