Masters in Public Policy & International Affairs


"Our times demand a new definition of leadership -- global leadership. They demand a new constellation of internatinal cooperation -- governments, civil society and the private sector, working together for a global public good." -- U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Fall Application Due Date: August 1
Spring Application Due Date: December 15

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Housed in the Political Science Department, the Master of Arts in Public Policy and International Affairs provides the foundation for understanding the ways in which contemporary public policy crosses and supersedes national boundaries in an increasingly integrated global environment of trade, information and technology, threats to national security and the global ecosystem.

The program is designed to train you in the foundations of social scientific methods as well as concrete policy areas from education policy, immigration, international human rights, and many others. Our graduates have consistently been able to pursue successful careers in government agencies, private corporations, higher education, local and international NGOs and many other fields.

Our interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to train effective innovators and problem solvers by integrating the practical and theoretical, domestic and international dimensions of policy-making and management. Graduates are prepared to work in a variety of settings--in government and non-profit agencies, international NGOs, education, business, law and social services--or to pursue further graduate studies.

After taking a core curriculum designed to provide students with an introduction to the field of public policymaking in an era of globalization as well as to provide them with the qualitative and quantitative tools needed for work in a professional policy environment, students can take electives, if desired, in one of two areas: 1) Public Policy and Administration, providing courses that prepare students to work in domestic public or non-profit service and management; and 2) Public Policy and International Affairs for those who want to work in international settings in government, the non-governmental sector, or business. Opportunities are available through the program for internships in a variety of public, non-profit, international and corporate settings, as well as short and medium-term intensive study abroad.


Careers Opportunities


¨ Education and Academia

¨ Policy Research & Analysis

¨ Non Governmental Organizations

¨ Journalism

¨ Civil Service and Government

¨ Public Relations

¨ Research and Think Tanks

¨ Law and Legal Services

¨ Business

¨ International Business

¨ Public Management

¨ Politics and Public Service

¨ Lobbying & Advocacy

and many others.


What Our Students Say

Mark Major"I found the Public Policy and Inter- national Affairs Master's Program to be a transformative experience.... " [more] -- Mark Major, '06 graduate, Lecturer, Political Science, Penn State University.

"In part as a result of my completion of your program Ridgewood High School is creating a year long honors level course entitled Current Issues in Social Studies ...." [more] -- Josh Saladino, Social Studies teacher, Ridgewood High School, 2007 graduate

Priya Ravichandran"I loved ... the personal inter-action between faculty and students and the absolute lack of formality in classes...." [more] -- Priya Ravichandran, '08 graduate, Programme Officer at The Takshashila Institution, India.

Austin Ayers "... you also begin to look at the world in a different way. You see the underlying forces of how the world functions." [more] -- Austin Ayers, current student, staff, Cong. Pascrell

Jane Hutnik"The de- partment is supportive and the program design is cohesive, organized and provides a clear path toward completion...." [more] -- Jane Hutnik, '07 graduate Program Manager, Alliance Management Services at IEEE-ISTO.

Lopez" Upon graduation I landed a job with the Michael J. Fox Foundation.... I beat out about 70 candidates for the position, which is probably due to the fact that I got a fabulous graduate education.” [more] -- Kristina Lopez, 2010 graduate