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Impulsive-Aggressive Research Team!

About the Lab

The Impulsive-Aggressive Research Team (iART) seeks to add to understanding of impulsive and aggressive behaviors perpetrated against others as well as the self. We use a variety of methods, including surveys, neuropsychological tests, laboratory-based stress inductions and heart rate monitoring to test relationships among suicidal behavior, physical dating violence, arousal, executive attention, rejection sensitivity, hostility, impulsivity and aggression. Social factors including level of acculturation and exposure to aggressive behavior are also of interest.

The lab is under the direction of Dr. Megan Chesin.

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Benefits of Lab Membership

You will receive training in survey, neuropsychological and biobehavioral data collection methods. You may also have the opportunity to co-author presentations, posters, or papers based on your work in the lab.

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The study is a 2 hour study of the romantic relationships of college students.The study takes place on campus in Science East in the Psychology Department. Participation includes:

    • Completing behavioral tasks and survey
    • Heart rate monitoring
    • An opportunity to earn $10 in QuickChek gift cards