Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Andrew Gladfelter


Office: Raubinger 435
Phone: (973)720-2882
Office Hours: Tues 5:00pm-6:00pm; Mon/Wed 11:00am-1:45pm

Department: Sociology
Position: Assistant Professor

Area Specialization
Victimology; hate crime; spatial dynamics of crime; quantitative methods

Andrew Gladfelter received his B.S. in Criminal Justice and M.S. in Administration of Justice from Shippensburg University and his Ph.D. in Criminology from The Pennsylvania State University. His dissertation examined the links between moving and victimization using three unique datasets: two samples totaling over 1,600 students at Penn State and a national housing experiment of 11,000 subjects that attempted to relocate poor urban minorities out of housing projects.

Professor Gladfelter’s research examines a variety of topics broadly related to victimization, including the provision of victim services like restitution, the causes and consequences of hate crime, individuals’ fear of crime, and the risk of criminal victimization and discrimination following residential moves. He has been involved in several local-, state-, and federally-funded grant projects related to this line of research. Currently, he is interested in the interplay between victimization and the well-being and adjustment of college students, with specific focus on student retention.

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Gladfelter, A., Lantz, B., & Ruback, R.B. (2017, in press). The complexity of hate crime and bias activity: Variation across contexts and types of bias. Justice Quarterly. Online First.

Ruback, R.B., Gladfelter, A., & Lantz, B. (2014). Paying restitution: Experimental analysis of the effects of information and rationale. Criminology & Public Policy, 13(3), 405-436.

Graif, C., Gladfelter, A., & Matthews, S.A. (2014). Urban poverty and neighborhood effects on crime: Incorporating spatial and network perspectives. Sociology Compass, 8(9), 1140-1155.

Reports and Chapters:

Gladfelter, A., & Ruback, R.B. (2016, in press). Victims’ needs and restorative justice. Chapter in Handbook of Victims Issues in Criminal Justice. Routledge.

Ruback, R.B., Gladfelter, A., & Lantz, B. (2015). An examination of hate and bias incidents in Pennsylvania, 1999-2012. Report to the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Ruback, R.B., Gladfelter, A., & Lantz, B. (2014). Hate crimes and bias incidents: Case characteristics and police responses in rural and urban Pennsylvania. Report to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania.