Department of Sociology

Keumjae Park


Office: Raubinger 449
Phone: (973)720-3562
Office Hours: T 10:30am-12:30pm and by appointment

Department: Sociology
Position: Professor

Area Specialization
migration and transnationalism, globalization, sociology of identity, social theories, and feminist theories

Keumjae Park received her B.A. from Seoul National University, South Korea, and her Ph. D. in Sociology from Rutgers University. She teaches Sociological Theory, Globalization and Inequality, Gender and Global Migration, Sociology of Women, and Senior Seminar courses. In Fall 2018 semester, she is teaching, she teaches SOC1020 Social Problems and SOC2130 Sociological Theory (online). She is the co-director of WPU's Center for Teaching Excellence.

Professor Park’s research focuses on migration, and comparative studies of integration of immigrants in different countries. She has published and presented papers on the experiences of immigrants and how they are shaped by social inequalities such as gender, race, and class. Her book, Korean Immigrant Women and the Renegotiation of Identity: Class, Gender, and Politics of Identity (2009. LFB Scholarly Publishing), examines the process of identity transition among middle class Korean immigrant women as they struggle to redefine, and come to terms with, their class statuses and racial positioning in the U.S.  She has also published and presented papers on other topics such as Korean transnational families, and media representation of immigrants living in South Korea.  

She is currently working on a few different projects. One line of research focuses on Asian immigrants’ incorporation in South Korean society through the analysis of policies, and advocacy movements. She is also collaborating on a paper on global education and social justice. This year, she will begin a new research on immigrants' experiences with housing and home ownership in New Jersey area. 

Research Interests:  global migration, gender, globalization, sociology of identity, social theories

Recent publications:

Wang, Gabe T. and Keumjae Park.  2016. Student Research and Report Writing: From Topic Selection to Report Writing. Oxford, UK: Wiley.

Park, Keumjae. 2009. Korean Immigrant Women and the Renegotiation of Identity: Class, Gender, and Politics of Identity. The New Americans: Recent Immigration and American Society series, edited by Steven J. Gold and Ruben G. Rumbaut. El Paso, TX: LFB Scholarly Publishing. 

Park, Keumjae. 2018. "Max Weber and East Asian Capitalism." in Joanne Miyang Cho ed. Transnational Encounters between Germany and East Asia since 1900. Routledge.

Frierson-Campbell, Carol and Keumjae Park. 2016. "I Want to Learn That: Musicking and Resisting in a Palestine Music Academy." Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education. 15(2): 74-100.

Park, Keumjae. 2014. “Foreigners or Multicultural Citizens?: South Korean Press Media’s Construction of Asian Immigrants,” Ethnic and Racial Studies 37 (9): 1565-1586

Park, Keumjae. 2014. “Review Essay of Conflicting Commitments: The Politics of Enforcing Immigrant Worker Rights in San Jose and Houston by Shannon Gleeson.” Ethnic and Racial Studies Review 37(5):917-919.

Park, Keumjae. 2012. “Korean Wild Geese Families: Global Education and Transnationalizing as a Family Strategy for Class Mobility.” The Global Studies Journal 5 (1): 67-78.