Minor Program

The minor in Communication Disorders consists of 19 credits of coursework. Students from any major may register for these courses as early as their freshman year.


Required Courses for Minor in Communication Disorders & Sciences

·       CODS 2620 Introduction To Communication Disorders Credits: 3.0

·       CODS 2640 Phonetics Credits: 3.0

·       CODS 2720 Introduction to Language Development and Disorders Credits: 4.0

·       CODS 3610 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Swallowing Mechanism Credits: 3.0

·       CODS 4030 Articulation/Phonological Disorders Credits: 3.0

·       CODS 4670 Clinical Observation and Methods Credits: 3.0

For further information you may also visit the link provided here:  View Program Requirements & Courses