Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics of William Paterson University aspires to achieve an active, collaborative learning community where each member contributes to the learning of others. To develop such a community for learning, the Department has an academically diversified faculty with specializations from many fields of Mathematics.

The main goal of the Department is to prepare students for graduate school, teaching and professional careers in Mathematics through its major and minor programs. Students will be encouraged to

  • Understand the logic of mathematical thinking,
  • Develop an understanding of Mathematics by studying underlying structures, relationships and operations,
  • Develop a repertoire of problem-solving techniques,
  • Develop mathematical skills and applications,
  • Understand the difference between conjecture and rigorous mathematical proof,
  • Use the language of mathematics to present precise descriptions and logical relationships

The Department strives to develop competent, confident, enthusiastic majors who have a broad foundation in the study of Mathematics and who can apply their developed skills and knowledge to a wide variety of theoretical and applied programs.