Department of Mathematics

Faculty & Staff, Mathematics - Spring 2016

Paul von Dohlen, Ph.D.

Paul von Dohlen Picture

Office: 3039 Science Hall East
Phone: 973-720-2291
Office Hours: see website below

Department: Mathematics
Position: Assistant Professor

Area Specialization
Applied Dynamical Systems, Mathematics and Sports



P. von Dohlen. Tweaking the NFLs Quarterback Passer Rating for Better Results. Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, Vol. 7: Iss. 3. 2011.

P. von Dohlen and P. Miller. An Error-Based Curve Tracking Algorithm for 2-Dimensional Flows.

International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 71, No. 2, 2011. 


Conference presentations:

Tweaking the NFL's Quarterback Passer Rating for Better Results MathFest 2011, Lexington, KY, 8/5/11

Mathematics of the NFL's Quarterback Passer Rating NJCU Math Awareness Month Event, 4/22/10

Mathematics of the NFL's Quarterback Passer Rating MAA-NJ Spring 2010 Section Meeting, 4/10/10

Particle-Tracking Simulations: Evolving Curves and Surfaces in Velocity Fields Seton Hall University Department of Mathematics Lecture Series, Seton Hall University, 3/5/10

Evolving a Smooth Curve of Initial Conditions Under a Time-Dependent Two-Dimensional ODE AMS Session on Dynamical Systems, AMS/MAA Joint National Meetings, San Francisco, CA, 1/15/10

Particle Tracking in Three-Dimensional Flows: Evolution and Refi nement of a Smooth Surface AMS-MAA Joint Mathematical Meetings in San Diego, CA, 1/7/08