Transfer Students

Once a new transfer student submits the transcripts to the college, the Transfer Division interprets the document and determines which courses are equivalent to WPUNJ courses. Some courses may not be transferred if

  1. they are not considered to be College level,
  2. if they are from a non-accredited institution,
  3. if the grade obtained was a D or below.

Exceptions exist if a student transfers with an Associate degree from a NJ Community/County College.

The courses are placed in the Curriculum Control Sheet (CCS) or the Audit Sheet according to the declared major. If the student has declared Math as a major AND if there is some confusion about placement of the courses, the information is relayed to the Chairperson who decides which courses may be accepted towards the major.

It is possible that during the academic career, a student may request reconsideration of placement of some of the courses to meet the graduation requirements. The student is to fill out the Adjustment of Degree Requirement Form and meet the Chairperson for this purpose.

AP Policy: Students who take the Advanced Placement courses and who have received a score of 4 or 5 will be granted 3 credits for the course equivalent of Mathematics 1600 - Calculus I and will be exempt from taking that course.

 For further details contact the Advisement Center. The Center is located in Student Center 301. For further details call (973) 720-2281.